Callahan Enterprises





General Contracting Services

Strength of Experience
Callahan Enterprises provides management and supervision through our extensive experience. We provide experienced in-house tradesmen on all of our projects for scopes of work such as framing, erection and all types of interior finishes, ensuring that our fit and finish is second to none.

Construction Management Services

Single-source responsibility
Callahan Enterprises provides a single source for total construction management services. Whether the project calls for a construction manager, Callahan Enterprises has the people, facilities and expertise to meet every need.

No matter how challenging the project, we’ll make the construction process easy. You’ll have an experienced, professional team on your side, from start to finish: making sure workmanship, materials and service meet your highest standards.

Design-Build Services

Product delivery of the highest order
Our design-build services combine architecture, engineering and construction services in one contract. We take sole responsibility for your project, using our in-house architectural capabilities and partnering with select engineers to create the optimal design solution. We bring together the diverse experts needed for every facet of the project, from design to supervision and record-keeping, and safety to compliance, all under one roof. The result: A unified team of experienced people, all focused on the same objectives.

We assume the risks you’d rather delegate: managing the design process, controlling the cost and schedule, and insuring against delays. Once we work with you to clearly define the project’s scope, we take it from there in partnership with you.

The Callahan Enterprises Design-Build Team looks beyond design and construction to provide centralized responsibility for a streamlined, successful process and project.

Architectural Services

An interdisciplinary team for steady progress
We provide traditional architectural services to those select clientele that are not only looking for design excellence, but value the insight, experience and knowledge brought to the table by an experienced Contractor. At Callahan Enterprises, we combine the benefits of good design and a good design value, into all of our work.

Pre-Construction Services

Up-front planning yields long-term value
It’s easier-and more cost-efficient-to make adjustments to a project at the beginning of the process, before plans and drawings are finalized.

During the Pre-Construction Phase, Callahan Enterprises will:

  • Establish and track the project’s scope, budget, schedules, and construction technique
  • Analyze early design concepts
  • Select the right materials, building systems and equipment
  • Prepare detailed estimates
  • Implement an in-depth value engineering process to insure you receive the best quality for the lowest price

This awareness guides Callahan Enterprises through every phase of the project.

Additional Services

Knowledgeable in a broad range of respective fields of expertise
Because of the professional needs associated with project and construction management, we are uniquely positioned to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our client’s schedule and budget goals guide the decision-making process. All projects, regardless of scope or scale, commence with responsive analysis, followed by the use of appropriately chosen, field-proven project management techniques to ensure project delivery success.

Mr. Callahan assumes primary responsibility for the project and coordinates the efforts of the technical staff, and the carefully selected consultants. As soon as the project concept is formulated by the client, we will aid in site evaluation, planning, project programming, design concepts, construction and close-out of the project.

  • Vital early information for site planning, program development, building design, and construction analysis
  • Experienced governmental liaisons
  • Expedient bid process management
  • Extensive subcontracting resources
  • Design, budget and scheduling accountability
  • Site evaluation and reporting
  • Program development and architectural management
  • Early schematic budget development and control
  • Building pro-forma analysis
  • Post construction and occupancy coordination