Callahan Enterprises


Commitment to Client Satisfaction


Who We Are

Callahan Enterprises was founded by seasoned technology professionals and engineers with 25 years of proven experience. We have a proven background in providing solid solutions to the most complicated projects and technology related needs. Callahan Enterprises solves our customers’ mission-critical problems with innovative applications of technology and expertise; technology and expertise trusted enough to create the navigational systems for the renowned Tomahawk Cruise missiles utilized by our military today and a very prominent weapon in the Gulf War. Our mission is to bring value to our clients by recommending the most innovative solutions for their technology requirements and implementing those solutions to their satisfaction.

Callahan Enterprises serves the government at all levels (federal, state and local) in addition to various commercial markets. We provide solutions to problems of extreme importance to our country and allies around the world. Utilizing the combination of trustworthy management, strong vendor relationships and the talents of our staff; a long lasting relationship with our Clients is developed.

A sampling of the services we provide, include the following:

  • Software engineering, implementation and training
  • Advanced systems engineering, setup and implementation with ongoing maintenance and upgrades
  • Telecommunications
  • Security Analysis and Audits
  • Security solutions/Information Assurance
  • Cloud computing
  • Wireless Communication/Internet Services
  • Database design, development and implementation with ongoing maintenance and upgrades
  • Resellers of Hardware, software and wireless communication equipment
  • Decision Support Services

Client satisfaction is the only measurement of our success!! With this philosophy, it is clear that we provide our services with a total commitment to integrity and ethical performance. While our company culture is dedicated to quality, timely performance, within budget, innovation and continuous improvement in our technology solutions, it does not trump our commitment to integrity and ethical performance.


Our Heritage