Technology Services

Our Technology workforce contains highly technical employees with advanced degrees in engineering, technology, and the sciences. Let Callahan sustain or update your system, install telecommunication services, or run wiring. Callahan can provide various computer, communications and engineering services that accomplish what you need at a reasonable price. No requirement is too small.

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Computer Equipment

Do you need advice regarding the computer terminal or computer peripheral equipment to ensure that your computer systems meet your needs.? Callahan Enterprises can help you select, procure and install your systems. No order is too small.

Wireless Communications/Internet Services

Callahan Enterprises provides subject matter expertise for telecommunications Wiring & Cabling, wired broadband internet services, or wired VoIP. Additionally, Callahan has supported the installation of fire detection, intercom and alarm systems. Callahan can procure needed telecommunications supplies or use those supplied by our clients.

Engineering Services

Callahan Enterprises’ engineers will plan and design computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and communication technologies to your specifications. We can provide custom software engineering services to design, develop, maintain, and support your custom enterprise solution. Let us show you our hands-on manner during the acquisition, installation, testing, and implementation phases of a project.

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